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masahito leo takeuchi

masahito leo takeuchi


I'm Masahito (most people call me Masa). I'm a web developer based in Amsterdam.

After leaving Central Saint Martins with First Class Honours, I freelanced as an Illustrator, taking part in exhibitions and working with clients in the UK, Japan and United States. While experimenting with animation, my interest shifted to interactivity and coding, which lead me to web development.




I'm fluent in English and Japanese. I started learning Dutch (Ik spreek nederlands een beetje).


I also code for pleasure, combining my pixel drawings and JavaScript to create experimental project, which I periodically share on CodePen: codepen.io/ma5a

My wife's hugs and my daughter's squishy cheeks keep me going.


Front End Developer at Numan May 2021 - December 2023

  • Maintained the sales platform, user account dashboard and product landing pages on the company website, working mainly with Vue.js and Nuxt (numan.com).
  • Implemented design updates based on Figma, iterating features through abtests managed through Statsig.
  • Built components for internal CMS library.
  • Reviewed pull requests by team members across multiple code repositories through GitHub, and QAed prior to release using test environments configured with Argo CD.
  • Liaised closely with the customer care team to troubleshoot and fix bugs, and monitored site performance through Grafana and Sentry.
  • Worked in agile sprints, switching to kanban depending on the initiative, collaborating remotely using Google Meet, Zoom, Jira and Slack.

Illustrator for TED Aug 2016 and Apr 2017

  • Commissioned to illustrate stickers for TED Summit.
  • Created illustration for over 50 idioms from around the world (can be viewed here).


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